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Your Geological Assistance in the Nordic Countries


Lithos Solutions is a Finland-based sole trader company founded by Matthias Müller, which provides geological services for exploration and mining companies. Lithos Solutions offers geological assistance at competitive rates and in an uncomplicated manner. 

The offered services are based on experience in the Finnish exploration and Australian mining industries. During our career we have been exposed to a wide range of commodities including Au, Li, Ni-Cu-PGE and V. Furthermore we have profound experience in working with international major mining companies and thus understand that discretion, reliability and safety are of utmost importance, which we guarantee to all our clients.

Lithos Solutions was founded because independent geological consulting offers the opportunity to work on a multitude of different mineral systems allowing the continuous advancement as a geologist. Through this process we intend to contribute to your next discovery, resource expansion, or production estimate.  

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